Embark on a Delightful Journey Towards Punctuality: 

The Joyful Path to Time Mastery

What Opportunities Are You Losing By Being Late?

People are unforgiving when it comes to being kept waiting.  You may never know the harm your lateness is doing: the job you lost, the promotion you didn’t get, the business deal that never materialized, the free tickets to a concert or play that your best friend offered to someone else.

Traditional Methods Failed You Big Time?

No doubt, you’ve seen handbooks, attended workshops or gone to lectures about promptness and punctuality.  Not surprising, they haven’t done any good, have they?

Let's Try Something Different

Well, let’s try something different: a parable.  This is a fun novel about a young woman who has earned the nickname “the Rock Star of Lateness.”  Humorous, rather than preachy, Time & Consequences might just give you the inspiration to conquer your own time management dilemma.  And if you’re a punctual person who’s constantly frustrated by a loved one who’s always late, giving this book as a gift might change your whole relationship.

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