"Time & Consequences"

A Fascinating Journey Through Time Management

Join Turquoise Nez Timerhorn on her uproarious quest to conquer her addiction to lateness by learning the essence of time management. Laugh along as she navigates the challenges of punctuality in a world where time is both a friend and a foe. Dive into this delightful parable that will leave you questioning the true meaning of time and its impact on relationships.

Featuring In The Book

Master Time Management

Unlock the secrets of effective time management woven seamlessly into the fabric of Turquoise's journey. Navigate the twists and turns of life's clock with newfound wisdom, ensuring you're always one step ahead, even in the face of the most comical chaos.

Hilarious Antics

Prepare yourself for an uproarious journey brimming with laughter, profound lessons, and unforgettable chaos as you immerse yourself in Turquoise's whimsical escapades through the labyrinth of time's twists and turns.

Quirky Characters

Experience the highs and lows of their adventures as they navigate through life's unpredictable moments with resilience and humor. Join them on this rollercoaster ride of emotions, where every twist and turn brings them closer together.


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