About Time & Consequences

Turquoise Nez Timerhorn seems to have it all. She’s gorgeous. She’s got lots of friends and admirers.  Her boyfriend – Ed; who has supermodel looks and is not only captain of the unbeaten basketball team but also a high achiever in the classroom adores her. She even lands a plum internship. Turquoise and Ed are shoo-ins for King and Queen of the Senior Prom. There’s only one problem – Ed is Mr. Punctuality, while Turquoise can’t get anywhere on time.
You’ll laugh out loud at Turquoise’s zany antics as she strives to get her addiction to lateness under control. Will she truly overcome this predicament?  This fun parable will get you thinking in new ways about what time really means, and how it could be a bridge or a wedge between people.

…a wonderfully entertaining, yet thoughtfully realistic coming of age [story]…her actions wreak havoc…and have the potential to utterly destroy…her chances for success…
Sharen E. McKinney-Alston, Retired Principal, Professor & Educator
Having been a health care provider for over 30 years, working strictly by appointment, time management is crucially important.  Respect for my patient’s time and their respect for mine is the lifeblood that keeps our practice running smoothly.  The lessons taught in Time & Consequences are of vital importance for young people to learn.  Told in a story they can relate to, young readers of all ages will take away a lesson to live by, for all aspects of their personal and future professional lives.  Thank you M. Lauryn for getting the message out!
David A. Greene, D.D.S.
…a great read! The story allows us to…see ourselves or someone else we know. It’s funny. It’s serious. It moves us to search for solutions to our own dilemmas. The title is very appropriate for the way the majority of us live, whether we realize it or not.
Gail L. Johnson, Retired Teaching Supervisor & Educator