Hello there my readers…

I am the main character in the novel Time & Consequences. Who am I? Turquoise Nez Timerhorn is my name.  I live in New York City.

I am smart, and I am determined to reach my life goals. However, right now my life is not running along smoothly. Can you guess why?

I need help in one area. My addiction to lateness is out of control. Do you have this challenge in your life? Then you will enjoy reading Time & Consequences.

I struggle with this time management enemy which has the potential to destroy anyone’s life. Sign in and let me know your opinion. Do you struggle to get to your appointments on time or know someone who does? Let me know that I am not dealing with this dilemma alone.

Turquoise Nez Timerhorn A.K.A. TNT

M. Lauryn Alexander is a specialist in teaching English to English Language Learners in New York City area. This blog is adapted from her latest book, Time & Consequences. The novel is on sale now at TimeandConsequences.com .
Success Essentials Inc.® is a New York City based company that helps people identify, implement and achieve their professional, personal and career goals. In addition, we offer tutorial services for English Language Learners on all levels for  proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also offer Career Coaching for Advancement workshops for individuals who want to fast track their careers with our Readers Are Achieversenrichment program.