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Paint Me On Time:

Trying to arrive on time is an art. The artist has to make skilled strokes on the canvas of life to make each brush stroke count. I knew that I could arrive on time today for my 12:30 pm appointment. I woke up and immediately and got out of bed at 7 am. I was so proud that I didn’t press the snooze button on my alarm clock. I wanted to avoid all stress that might develop in my day if I showed up late.

I had a quick breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs and cheese. I drank water for less calories. So far, so good. Besides getting on the computer to order my groceries that I wanted to be delivered and answering one phone call, I was much aware of the ticking sound on my kitchen clock.

The Direction To Move:

When I spoke on the phone I let the caller know that they had to be brief because I was heading out of the door.

In this way, I was able to cut the conversation short. We agreed to talk later on the same day but in the evening. It wasn’t a life or death conversation, so I wanted to be real. The caller wasn’t in distress or anxious. Therefore, like a butcher cutting into prime meat, I cut off the conversation to savor the best piece for later. I needed every minute to be productive in moving along toward achieving my goal of arriving to my destination on time. I had started by waking up without pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. I was pursuing strategies that I had learned from Ms. Knowing-Feather.

Who is Ms. Knowing-Feather you might ask? Then you might want to read the novel, Time & Consequences by the author M. Lauryn Alexander. You’ll find out the identity of Ms. Knowing-Feather and how she helped me. Without any further ado, let me, Turquoise Nez Timerhorn, a character in Time & Consequences continue below with my tale.

Obstacles To See and To Avoid:

I arrived 30 minutes ahead of my appointment time. It made me feel as if  I could conquer my lateness habit. I said to myself since I was in the vicinity of my appointment I could browse in several stores. Then I realized I had to focus on my objective which was to be on time. After 10 minutes of checking out wigs, shampoo and hair conditioners, I was ready to make a purchase. But when I saw the long line at the cashier, I ran for my life. I left the items in the store without making any purchases because being punctual was my goal. I made the sacrifice not to buy anything then but delayed the purchases until I had plenty of time to spare.

Be a Time Champion For Yourself:

I arrived at 12:15 pm for my 12:30 pm doctor’s appointment and I claimed my personal punctuality prize. This was a successful feat for me. As I write about my punctuality achievement, the doctor lost his. Unknown to me, the doctor had double booked and allowed emergency walk-ins to interrupt his schedule. This caused me to become anxious because I had made an immense effort to be on time. Nevertheless, I waited patiently over one hour to be called  for my doctor’s examination. I wanted to be productive. Therefore, I read several articles which I had carried with me.

Do you think this doctor should learn time management too? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving a comment or suggestion below. What experiences have you had when going for a doctor’s appointment?


Turquoise Nez Timerhorn

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